Horses (and other animals) Love Reflexology Too!

The belief of Reflexology, is that the ears (among other parts of the body) are a map of the body. By working on certain areas of the ear, which correspond to organs and systems of the body, we can stimulate blood flow, relieve symptoms such as, muscle spasms and tension, joint pain, and stress. This leads to less injury for horse and rider.

An experienced Reflexologist can feel and even see the horse responding to the areas woked on in their ear. It is sometimes surprising at first, how much your horse takes to the touch and help of this tactile artform.

Be sure, that at no time, will I (or should any other therapist) assume that this treatment can take the place of a veterinary visit.

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  1. That is fascinating – I had no idea that you could practice reflexology on horses!

    I always wrongly assumed that because they have hooves reflexology wouldn’t really be possible, but thinking about the anatomy presumably you could work from the knee/hocks down as these are the equivalent to our hands and feet as well as the ears? Anyway, many thanks for a most enlightening post :-)
    Kind regards
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