Coffee Perks - Fair Trade

WebMD says "Want a drug that could lower your risk of diabetes, Parkinson's disease, and colon cancer? That could lift your mood and treat headaches? That could lower your risk of cavities"?

"If it sounds too good to be true, think again".

Being a huge coffee lover, I of course, was very excited to come by this article regarding the benefits of drinking those "java -latte´- espresso" treats, we love so much"!

Coffee, the much maligned but undoubtedly beloved beverage, just made headlines for possibly cutting the risk of the latest disease epidemic, type 2 diabetes. And the real news seems to be that the more you drink, the better.

Read more benefits in this article.
  • Is Coffee the new Health Food?.

    What is Fair Trade?

    Coffee is one of the biggest traded items in the world. With it being in such high demand, the amount of growers has also risen, so much so, that coffee bean prices are actually going down! What's wrong with that? Nothing! Except the retailers are not altering the prices at their end, so, many smaller growers around the world are closing for lack of resources to pay their workers, who also have to adapt to newer growing techniques. The best situation to grow coffee in, is in a plantation of shade trees. This environment allows the bean to mature slower making for a richer, more natural flavor.

    The maturation of coffee beans when grown under the sun (instead of shade trees) is much faster, and many farmers have had to resort to this method of growing to keep up. Because these growing conditions require sun, not shade, many forests have been cut down, and the chemical fertilizers and pesticides used to enhance the soil, are taking their ill affects on the soil, plant and animal life of the environment, and the people working the farms. Public and political fighters of this have shown their disapproval by developing this fair trade movement, and showing their seal of approval on coffee products involved in their cause.

    When you buy fair trade coffee, you are helping the small farmer, and the environment. Don't forget, you are also being kinder to yourself, as fair trade coffee beans are usually grown the traditional organic way, thus keeping their rich natural flavor.

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