Be Careful Shoveling

As a Massage Therapist, I see many back, shoulder & neck injuries in the winter from improper snow shoveling.

That can be because we use too much upper body strength, take too much snow on the shovel at once, or, shovel incorrectly.

Remember, shoveling snow is an exercise, as, when you go to the gym, run, swim, there's a routine you follow, that gets you the max from your work-out, with the least chance of injury.

Look at shoveling snow as a full-body work-out, with added weights to your arms. Only add as much "weight" - snow- to the shovel as you can, without tiring or straining your body, especially if you have a lot of space to cover.

Be sure to use your lower body glut, and quad muscles. to bend and lift. Try not to stoop over. Keep the shovel close to your body, as, lifting "from a distance" puts more strain & tension on muscles and joints.

If you have to throw the snow to the side, be extra careful with the amount of snow on the shovel, and, do switch it up. Switch hand positions on the shovel, and the side to which you throw the snow if possible, to balance the work.

Here's one of the toughest. As we TRY NOT to rush our workouts, let's do the same when we shovel.

Remember, if you injure yourself shoveling, you can't workout either!

These are few safety tips and ideas. there are lots more, like, how to dress, eat.

Please contribute for the sake of our readers safety and good health.

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  1. Great tips, Shelly! I'd say, as a yoga teacher..., when you're tired, take a break. Even if you have only a little bit to go. Snow can get very heavy (I know!). Listen to your body. When it says stop, stop. Take a break, grab a hot chocolate, and resume when your muscles have recovered. Or, get someone else to finish the rest.

  2. I agree. Yoga is so good for your body.It helps you "learn to listen". Do we always though? That's the question.

    I always tell my clients, basically, it's more or less.... "pay now, or pay later".

    Thanks for the tip, and the chocolate idea. That always works!