Celebrate International Doula Month!

DONA International gives us some ideas on how to celebrate, and spread the word!

*May is International Doula Month and as we work so diligently to support the expectant couples in our communities, we also need to take some time for ourselves and to celebrate our contribution to each other and to the birth movement.

Here are some excellent ways to acknowledge International Doula Month and to support each other in your community:

* Write an article for a local publication or send a press release to your local media.
*Host a free doula info night at a library or community center to let parents know about your services, which might also be a great reason for your local press to do a story on doulas.
*Have a movie night for parents and/or doulas. Show the latest movies such as "Orgasmic Birth", "The Business of Being Born" or "Pregnant in America", or revisit some of the classics.
*Create a birthing circle where women can share their birth stories to support each other and/or heal from their birth trauma
*Organize a networking day for local doulas to meet, network and support each other with new ideas and co-opetition.
*Host an at-home spa party for local doulas.
*Put together info packages that hospitals and birth centers can hand out to expectant parents and/or laboring mothers with suggestions for position changes and comfort measures.
*Create a goal sheet of what you'd like to accomplish between now and International Doula Month next year.
*Give yourself a big pat on the back for working tirelessly to help women enter parenthood in a positive way!

*source DONA International

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