Spring Cleanse

This time of year, many people decide to "do it"! Make the commitment to lose the winter weight, and this time... keep it off.

This is also the time of year, when manufacturers, health food stores, and online marketers go crazy with their ads as to why their cleanse is the best.

I must admit, I have bought, tried, and sold a few in my time too, and, still drink a daily Juice, that I believe helps to stabilize my systems in many ways. These days, most of us are looking to save money. Unfortunately, even when it comes to health care, some of us have to cut corners there too. Many of these "cleanse kits", are very costly, and turn out to be too expensive to stay on, or hard to manage if you have to leave home to work.

Assuming, you are healthy enough and have spoken with your Dr. about doing a cleanse for health or weight loss purposes, I urge you to take a look at "The Master Cleanser" as one option.

The Master Cleanser

Wikipedia tells us these things about The Master Cleanser, (also know as The Lemonade Diet or The Maple Syrup Diet), and Stanley Burroughs.
This, (min.10 day) cleanse, is known for, ridding the body of toxins, curbing sugar cravings, and of course weight loss.

We know that not all toxins can be cleansed from our bodies. Food cravings and binges, along with yo-yo weight gain and loss, have a lot to do with lifestyle, stress, and personality. I can tell you, this cleanse works. As with any other diet change, especially a cleanse, for some, there is a 1-3 day initial period of feeling sickly, or worse than when they started.

I have done this cleanse many times, and found it to be easy to stick to, very portable, and one I can follow without being hungry, and, one that gives me added energy.

Here is the basic recipe for the drink, but, I urge you to read up on the Cleanse fully before you start it, as there are certain pre and post cleanse dos and don't s, to make it easier to follow.

* 2 Tablespoons of lemon juice

* 2 Tablespoons of syrup

* 1/10 Teaspoon ground cayenne pepper

* 10 oz of water

Please share your success (or not) stories of your experience on this Cleanse for other readers.

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