Reflexology for Full Body Care

If you've never had a Reflexology session, you are really missing a treat. Along with the relaxing and calming affect of having your feet get the attention they so deserve, your whole body benefits from the movements and techniques the Therapist uses while following your "foot map". Your whole body is addressed through the reflex points on your feet. People are amazed how, for instance, working the area around the base of their big toe, can cause them to feel warmth, and, sometimes other reactions in their neck.

Reflexology, like Massage, becomes an intuitive art form and discipline. Regular sessions can help people heal, and cope with acute injuries, chronic pain, and emotional and physical long term discomforts.

A seemingly subtle approach to total body health, by working the feet, our bodies tap into our natural healing abilities, and, help to build a strong and vibrant constitution.

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