The weather has been quite warm and dry so far this winter, still, some seem to be suffering the symptoms of SAD (seasonal affective disorder).
Research continues on the causes of SAD, but remember, basically, the condition is thought to be related to the decrease of daylight, not the cold and/or snow.

We could turn on every light in the house, and still, our biological clocks may still be telling our bodies we need more sleep because the days are shorter.
A foggy mental state, and having a hard time concentrating, can drag us down physically too, even if boots and heavy coats aren't an issue.

We've heard crossword puzzles and Sudoku can stimulate us to think clearer, and keep our memories sharper.
I have found something else that worlds great, and gets us out and in a social environment, we can enjoy, and share with others.

Hand drumming is fun, mentally and physically stimulating, and with the right teacher, a class you'll want to attend even in the thick of winter! (And long after).

"While you're deciding what to do... do something!"

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