Start this Year off on the Right Foot

Actually, you can start off this year on two good feet, and keep them that way, if you make a commitment to take better care of them!
Winter is a great time to start, because, it's very dry. If it's cold, we keep them very warm, and often they perspire more than usual. When we are inside in a warm house or office, and because of the cold, we often keep our feet covered almost all the time in the winter, so they don't get a lot of "airing out"!

Once again, I take us back to Foot Reflexology. A seemingly subtle approach to total body health. By working the feet, our bodies tap into our natural healing abilities, and, help to build a strong and vibrant constitution, and feels great!

The foot is a map of the body, and an experienced Reflexologist will follow the proper path in the session, and read the signs that show areas that may need a little more.

Begin this year with a strong foundation, and work your way up!

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