Yoga Rules! Ode to the new mat.

I flung the strap of the shiny, black sheath over my shoulder, and headed home from the store. When I held it upside down, my turquoise prize slid gently to the floor, revealing it was yet swaddled in another clear, sealed wrapper.
I was proudly aware it was new, and, it was mine.
I began practicing Yoga about 35 yrs. ago. Like many Yoga devotees, I became privy to how Yoga can improve one's well-being both physically, and emotionally.
Practicing Yoga creates balance, strength and flexibility in the body, and, the mind. It beautifies, the core, the centre of where life begins. It poises us for work, play,

The breathing, and timing, of the poses are exquisite.
A relaxation 'pose' at the end of your practice, invites deeper thinking, and thorough enjoyment of the rejuvenating affects.

I open the fresh mat, admitting to it, that my on-again-off-again Yoga practice, has been off for too long. I sit, I breathe, I close my eyes...

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