Feng Shui tip for Dog Lovers

Feng Shui Tip by Ellen Whitehurst

"No matter what I write today I simply can't be barking up the wrong tree since it's 'National Dog Day (Aug 26).' Woot! Um, I mean, woof! I know from reading and responding to your emails that there are a gajillion dog lovers out there. So I'd like to talk about some ancient techniques for allowing your best friend to stay safe and secure for all the days he will be a big part of your loving family. Now, don't hit 'Send' after you see this next kibble and bit, but one piece of early advice given for getting your pet to attune to your vibrations says that you should allow him to eat off of your dinner plate -- but only once you've finished with your meal. The few little scraps will bond and strengthen their relationship with you. This is not a nightly endeavor, however. A few times with a new pet should do the trick before he gets the gist and right before he gets a treat. If your pet fears you leaving home for any amount of time you should hold him up to the mirror and reassure his reflection that you will return. If he catches his reflection he should also catch your drift and start to calm down. Be sure to play the same sort of music at the same time each day for nine days before you leave and then instruct the sitter to do the same. This routine will bring peace and harmony to a potentially hairy situation. And, lastly, to keep your animal from straying, place a few hairs of the dog's tail under the steps of your home's entrance or under the welcome mat if there are no steps. All of these ideas will keep everyone happy while you're all living under the same woof! And that's a good thing! Now it's time for that WOOT!"

Please share the ways you "show the love" to, and keep your loving pets safe & happy.

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