NiagaraThisWeek Article: Bridge app’s ‘Spot’ on

Bento Miso member Tim Sullivan has an app for that?

Want to know the status of a bridge crossings across Niagara? there's (finally) an app for that. It all started with a simple request, explains Tim Sullivan. As president of a web application development company, he's used to hearing about new ideas for apps. So when his father's friend requested as app that would offer a clean and fast wayto see the status of bridges across Niagara, he brushed it off.

"I did some research and found that they already offered a mobile site where you can check on the status of bridges," explained Sullivan, adding he didn't want to duplicate the efforts. It wasn't until later, when he was driving Niagara-on-the-Lake that he revisited the idea - while he was stuck waiting for a bridge.

"I tried to find the site, to check the status of other bridges and I couldn't," he said. "There was a lot of fumbling, finally after... read more

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