Xmas Eve Feng Shui tip

Feng Shui, according to Wikipedia, "literally translates as "wind - water" in English. "

Qi rides the wind and scatters,
but is retained when encountering water

Some follow the "rules" and traditions of Feng Shui in many aspects of their lives including love and family life, home decorating and rituals, and workplace designs and colours.
Whether we are believers, or not, this interesting Xmas Eve Feng Shui tip, is a healthy one for aiding in digesting, and cleansing, after Holiday meal celebrations.

Ellen Whitehurst of Astrology .com writes "Eating one a day just might keep the doctor away, but eating one today will bring beautiful energies of peace, prosperity and love all throughout this next New Year! Tradition tells that eating an apple anytime after the sun sets on Christmas Eve will stem any ill will or luck that you’ve been suffering while replacing that with a big bite of Health, Happiness and Prosperity; the Three Great Blessings of Feng Shui.... Other customs share that eating an apple on Christmas Eve will bring seeds of happiness and beautiful skin! No matter how you slice it, eating an apple on this day will grow great fortunes and good luck for all the next New Year through!"

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